Moira Buffini has written a deliciously black satirical comedy on that ever-recurring theme, the dinner party from hell. At Buffini’s dinner party caustic comments fly like poisonous darts across the dinner table, penetrating false personas and leaving a trail of emotional carnage.

Lars is celebrating the fact that his pop psychology book ‘Beyond Belief ‘ is now a best seller. His wife Paige decides to throw a dinner party in his honor, and carefully plans a surprise menu that will fittingly mark the occasion.

Like any fastidious rich host, Paige anxiously checks with the waiter, whom she has employed for the occasion, that everything is prepared for the imminent arrival of her guests. It is only when she hands over his payment of 25,000 pounds in cash that one suspects the meal may contain some rather nasty surprises.

Run time: 2 hours including 10 minute intermission.

Mature audiences only. All patrons must have a ticket regardless of age. No babes-in-arms.

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